Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Can't I focus on the Awesome?

I have travelled a lot in my life.  I've been to some exotic places.  I've been to the third world before, I've been in the jungle along the Rio Coco, I've done Central America, the Carribean, Europe, Australia, etc. Like I said, I'm not a novice international traveller.  I was stuck in Greece after 9/11 and found my way home with some ingenuity and help.   I was once stranded in Nicaragua, and found a way out of that one too.  OK, I've never been to Asia before, and it is half a world away, but it is just a really long flight and some serious jet lag, culture shock and language difference away, right?  Or so I keep telling myself.

Aside from this being a remarkably amazing opportunity and a trip I am so seriously looking forward to, there are those around me who are a little concerned about my safety.  My parents, in particular.  I take it to mean that they love me, but... really?  For the last few weeks they have been on my case about setting a power of attorney, a medical power of attorney, making a will, etc.  I know that these are all good things to do and once they are done you can forget about it.  It is supposed to give you peace of mind.  It is supposed to be a good idea.  However, it is making me feel vulnerable, mortal, and alone.  I don't like it, not one bit!

I'm not sure why they have chosen this trip to freak out about, but I want to just focus on the pure awesomeness of my upcoming adventure.  Please... thanks!


Anonymous said...

It is awesome! You will have a great time. As someone you has lived there, Asia is great. It is different, but so interesting. Enjoy! The time difference can be staggering which is what really got to me, but this is an opportunity that I am glad you did not pass up.


Kim Tracy Prince said...

Yay for new blog. When you start to get famous, I demand residuals for the name.

Dr. Lisa said...

LD- Thanks, I can't wait

KTP- I'll write you that check now!

Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

just remember, if you have any language barrier issues in Bali- just call! my mom speaks Bahasa Malay fluently. well, that is, if you have international calling while you're there. =)
and, kumster, just keep focusing on that awesomeness you're about to experience!!!