Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Why I love College Football- Or how a friendship began!

So, unless you've been living under a rock or don't know me at all, you know that I'm a sports fan.  I love my Lakers.  I'm a Kings fan.  I kind of like soccer, especially the World Cup. But I love college football and my Fighting Irish!

2010: The Year in Review

I've loved college football since I was a kid and grew up going to USC games because my family had season tickets (mom's an alum).  Those 6 or 7 Saturdays every fall are great childhood memories.  Mom would make us my favorite sandwiches, ham, provolone, and pepperoni- no mayo for me thank you very much.  We'd picnic on the lawn in front of the Natural History Museum on SC's campus.  My brother and I'd throw the football around.  We'd go to the games.  Cheering for SC with everyone else.  Even as a little girl though I refused the whole "Fight On" thing.

Still when I started thinking about choosing a college, I felt no affection towards USC. Those days were separate.  Starting in high school, I used to always think that the other fans were classier, their cheerleaders better, more collegiate somehow.  My senior year in high school, Rocket scorched the SC defense as the Irish destroyed the Trojans en route to their last national championship.  I'd already decided to apply to Notre Dame by then, but I remember observing the crowed watching the game. I cheered for ND for the first time that day.

Then my college years started and a fall football season at Notre Dame is like no other experience.  Sure I love the game, but its about the loyalty and rivalries that people feel for their schools. That is what I loved, still love.  I was hooked.

As an adult, I still love college football, it reminds me of my days in college, good memories of those football Saturdays bakc int he day.  A few years ago, I took care of the son of a guy who played for one of ND's rivals.  He told me about playing against Montana.  As our game approached we placed a friendsly wager of $5.  His son, now 5 is thankfully healthy, and every year the bet is renewed.  This is why I love college football.  Sure our schools are rivals, but there is a respect for the traditions.

 When I joined twitter, on those days that I'd watch ND games on my own.  I'd live-tweet them.  I noticed others doing the same.  One woman stood out.  She clearly loved her team, but she appreciated others who loved their teams.  Thus,  a "friendship" was born.  Initially I didn't even know that Jen lived in Los Angeles.  She was just a football fan I twittered away with on Saturdays.  I have many sports fans like that.  Mostly Lakers fans, but I appreciate them nonetheless.

Then last New Years Day, I met Jen for the first time at my friend Kim's New Years party. A friendship grew.  We respect each others love of college football and our teams.  So when the god of bowl games decided to have our teams play each other for the first time since we were in college.  The idea of a roadtrip took oh about 20 seconds to blossom.

Therefore, I am going to drive to El Paso with Canes fan Jennifer Vides and we're going to love every moment.  If you wanna follow these two crazy football fans from rival schools travel together, check out Football-Loving-Women!

Go Irish Beat the Canes!!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


I walked around the unit the other nigth and paid attention to the look of anxiety on some of the parents faces.  I'd stop and chat with them and listen to their concerns.  More than one parent was anxiously awaiting some sort of test result on their baby.  Being the end of Thanksgiving weekend the wait was slightly longer than average as routine tests and procedures don't usually happen over the holidays.

I feel for these parents waiting anxiously.  One dad in particular was so frustrated.  I know that the info he is waiting for isn't going to change anything in our treatment of his baby, but I still understand the anxt.  I made one of the only promises I ever make to parents to him.  "As soon as I know, you'll know."  There are only 3 promises I ever make to the parents of my patients and that is one of them.

It has always been something that has been important to me.  This sharing of information, or results as soon as I know them.  I strongly believe that as physicians we must be in partnership with our patients and their families.  It is their baby who's care is entrusted to us; thererfore, they must be given information as soon as possible after it becomes available.  We must help them to make informed decisions when those decisions come up.

As a patient, I understand that waiting game.  I am waiting right now.  I should hear soon about what the plan is for my surgeries.  A few weeks ago, I was waiting for the phone to ring to give me my results. I hate waiting.   Still, I feel a combination of wanting to know and a little fear at the answer.  Somehow it has been easier to deal with since I knew for sure that I have a recurrence.  Reality is so much easier than fantasy or fear.

So, I wait....  I hope that my time on this side of the doctor-patient relationship will continue to make me a better physician in the future, that I will conitnue to grow through my experience.  That would be a good thing!