Monday, August 31, 2009

I have an addiction

In medical school, we learned the CAGE questions to judge if someone had an addiction problem.
CAGE is an acronym to prompt you to ask these questions
Have you ever felt..
the need to Cut down?
Annoyed when people ask you about your...?
Guilty about the behavior or something you did under its influece?
the need for an Eyeopener?

If you answer yes to more than 2 questions, the teaching is, the patient has a problem.

After an irrational response to the caferteria lady, I asked myself the questions related to my addiction problem behavior...

C- cut down, yep.
A-annoyed, clearly- I'm writing this post aren't I
G- guilty, yep I often try to hid the evidence
E- eyeopener..hmmm-  Well, if defined by once you start, you can't stop.  Yes, undeniably!
Henceforth, why I set rules to control my indulgence (Sounds like that should be the 5th one- do you set rules?)

What is the offending substance-  Garden Salsa flavored SunChips - you got it!

I only indulge at work, and I only indulge when I get them for free from the neighbor hospital. I can't let such things in my house, because I have no will power.  Still when the check out lady comments on it a few days a week when I give in, I have to fight the urge to scream.  Hello, I have like 21% body fat, let me have my chips without comments from the peanut gallery.  That isn't rational, right?

So for I just smile and chuckle.  Then spew here.  Thanks


AmyAnne said...

Look. I don't lose it over much. But if someone locks the wheels on the highchair which sits on the FLAT and EVEN surface of my kitchen floor I lose it. I have to go to my happy place or I don't know what would happen.

That is not logical. But who cares? Cut yourself a break. If you want to lose it over the damn chips, lose it!

Unless of course you are already that beady eyed, steam coming out of her head, jittery woman I passed in the grocery store the other day...well, then maybe you do need help ;-)

(found your blog on twitter btw :-)

Lisa said...

Today, she questioned why I eat so many bananas! Um why does she pay so much attention to what I eat?

the slackmistress said...

I think it's the need to make small talk, but I HATE when people I don't know comment on my food.

JaxMom said...

My guess is she has watched you get in shape and is completely mystified how you can look so good and eat sun chips.

If she is short and fat and resembles a troll, my guess is she hates you.

OR maybe she wants to emulate you and is wondering if bananas and sun chips can help HER transform herself.

Or maybe she is just a completely annoying busybody with nothing better to do. HUMMM

Kathleen said...

I had to swear off the machines at work because of those chips.. It's been 3 weeks and now I all I am thinking about is those chips in the machine.
I hear addictions run in the family.
Gotta go get those chips

Anonymous said...

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