Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Book Club

Sunday night in the midst of a severe case of jet lag, I found myself at my friends house for book club surrounded by some of my favorite people.  As always after book club, I am buoyed by the support and fellowship of my friends.

One of the beauties of the group is in our very diversity.  We range in age from the late 30s to 50.  Our careers span the spectrum from producer, special effects production, music management, running a non-profit, real estate to medicine.  Some of our group have children, most do not.  We have burgeoning relationships, dying ones.  We are married, divorced, single.  But all these things are just some of the labels that are so often applied to us as women and used to define our role in the world.  The truth of the matter is for those hours once a month none of those labels are important.  What matters is that we are all friends, and we are all free of judgement of each other.  Oh and yes, we do actually talk about the book in addition to eating fabulous food and drinking wine.

Last month we read "The Little Stranger" by Sarah Waters a subtle tale of haunting set in the dying era of the old manor homes in England.  Next month "The Help" by Katherine Stockett a fantastic book looking at the struggles of race relationships in the South at the beginning of the civil rights movement.

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