Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cultural Whiplash!

I sit on my balcony drinking Balinese coffee made in a coffee press writing this post, looking at this scene.

Thinking about the cultural extremes of the last week, might give me whiplash..

11 days ago, I left LA in the middle of the night and 30 hours later arrived in UlaanBataar, Mongolia in the middle of the night.  For the next 5 days I awoke each morning to the sounds of the crazy Mongolian traffic and looked out at a likeness of Ghengis Khan on the hillside rimming UB.

Then we went to a Mongolian National Park, Terilj (sp) stayed in a Gher kept warm by a fire and listened to crickets and the horses grazing outside our Gher.

Me and my Gher!
The view outside of the Gher.
After that drove back to UB for one more night. Left for the aiport so early in the morning it felt like the middle of the night to fly to Bali, where arrived after midnight.  (BTW- what is up with these middle of the night Asian flights)  Woke up to palm trees, the sound of the Indian Ocean, walked the beach, rested, looked at these kind of scenes.

See what I mean, cultural whiplash in an Oh My This is Amazing sort of way.
Gotta go meditate on that. Ciao

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