Thursday, September 3, 2009

Gap Born To Fit!

A couple of weeks ago I got invited to this party by my friend the Slackmistress where I was told I'd get a new pair of jeans, but I'd have to take off my pants.  Interesting catch phrase to get me to a party of a bunch of fabulous blogging women.

I arrived at the party in the Gap Pop-UP store, where I was greeted to free parking, free sangria, free appetizers and a shopping consultant to help me pick out jeans that would complement my figure.  Seriously, these people know how to throw a party!  I tried on the "Sexy Boot" jeans, went down a size and had the following photo taken of me.
Modeling the Gap "Sexy Boot" Jeans
Photo by Janet Barnett
Although, I may not like my smile, this photo was labelled by Nina as Dr. McDreamy.  Um thanks for the confidence boost and prompted the following tweet from my friend Kim "HOT pic of you, dear @lkkelly".  So needless to say I am now a huge fan of these "sexy boot" jeans.  With my friends supporting my ego like this, I want more....
The Slackmistress is now giving away a coupon for a free pair of Gap jeans from her blog, details here.  In order to win you have to tell a story about your favorite jeans, your old fav jeans and/ or tweet about the contest. Got it.
I am a Spring, so I always get to wear jeans and have always loved jeans.  In college, I had these old gap skinny jeans that were my favorites.  I had worn them for years and as I was gaining the freshman 15 that ballooned into more like 20-30 they grew tighter and tighter on me, but I loved them still. They were worn in just right, the fabric was soft.  They were like a security blanket, but by the time that snow had been on the ground of South Bend for 4 months they were TIGHT.  One day walking to the dining hall in the bitter cold over the snow and ice, this Soutern California girl bit it on a patch of ice.  Seriously, I fell over like a comic book character, feet flying into the air, landing with a carumph on my now padded derriere.  Rip went those jeans below each butt cheek.  NICE!  I refused to take off my jacket for the rest of the day (which was fine as it was subzero in March), and then borrowed my roommates sewing machine and sewed patches on the backside of the jeans that made them even funkier (not to mention roomier).  My favorite jeans were saved to last several more years.  I was in college after all.

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That is a great picture...and a great smile!