Monday, February 28, 2011

Two shoes!

When you stop and listen, you hear amazing things. When you stop and smell the roses, you might just be greeted by a treat. When your glass is half full, you realize how far you've come. No situation is all good or all bad, nor is life. I choose to embrace my life, or at least fight like hell to get it back.

I may exercise much, much, less than I did 6 weeks ago, but what could you expect. At least I'm working out. My stamina, my endurance are slowly returning, I mark these things by how many blocks I can go on my crutches before gasping for air. My strength (upper body that is) slowly returns as I gauge my weight work outs. But more than any of that....

I haven't been in my wheelchair in 4 days!!! Yes, 4 days! I get around on crutches. Yes, for the next few weeks there may be events that will require the chair, but the bathroom door is back on, and the chair is out of my bedroom. Another piece of medical equipment has left too. I exalt in those changes, but even more...

I've put on two shoes for a few hours every day for the last three days. It's part of a desensitization plan. The foot feels less foreign through a shoe, or something. All I know is that the sight of my fat ankle in a shoe overwhelmed me. It is a milestone at 5 weeks post surgery. I'm amazed by it, even if simultaneously a little disturbed by my fat ankle. But I digress, two shoes!

Two shoes, one yardstick! I get better, stronger, closer to my goal everyday! Onward and upward they say!


rlbates said...

Good for you!

JaxMom said...

Yeah for two shoes!!! And an ankle, even if it is fat.

Congrats on the driving too. I was actually thinking about that last night - if you would be allowed to drive yet because when you drive, you foot can't exactly be elevated.

Hang in there my friend. Can't wait to see you in circa 60 days (or a few less)!!


agent99 said...

Yeah for you!!! I'll take the lumpy ankle to some of my diabetic patients who are missing....big chunks. Keep on healing.