Thursday, March 3, 2011

Afternoons with Mom and Dad

I've been on this recovery journey for almost a month and a half now.  I got released from the hospital just over a month ago.  I have had long hours to fill while I am able to do very little.  I've had visits from friends, gone on outings for tea, burger/ beer /and sports, dinner, etc.  However, I still spend most of my time with my parents who are graciously caring for me.  Along this journey, I've spent a couple of afternoons with mom and dad getting otu of the house and into nature in whatever way possible.  These days have both come at good times and boosted my spirits.

An afternoon in Central Park with my Dad:
Shortly before we left NYC, the mercury finally topped freezing and so my dad loaded me in my wheelchair and we headed off to Central Park.

Thus, prepared for the cold, with Lefty wrapped in cashmere and me covered in a blanket.  We headed out to take in what the last few snow storms had done.

We even bought the roasted nuts from the street vendor.  Dad and I both relished time outside.  I insisted on helping to roll me up the hills.  He managed to not roll me over his toes on that day!

An afternoon with Mom at The Huntington Gardens:
Back in SoCal, we arrived at my parents house just as the camelias were in full bloom.  I asked if we could spend an afternoon at the Huntington Gardens to explore their camelia gardens.  The Huntington is just a few short blocks from their house.  Yet somehow we didn't make it for this outing til yesterday.  Mom and I headed out.  I swallowed my pride and agreed that the only way I could explore properly would be in my wheelchair.

The camelias didn't  disappoint.

The Clivia were amazing.
The Chinese Garden beckoned me, but the hills were daunting, so we'll save that for another trip when I have two legs for locomotion.

Mom enjoyed it too.

These days are special memories in a world of pain and frustration. Thank you will never be enough, Mom and Dad.


the slackmistress said...


That is all.

Dr. Lisa said...

Thanks Nina

Barb said...

Oh my goodness! You both look maaaahvelous! Please send some warmth and color our way!

Anonymous said...

Lisa, Mom and Dad enjoyed the outings as much as you did! Love,Mom