Thursday, February 17, 2011

Back in SoCal and Thanks to Great Friends Near and Far

So, my time in New York City has drawn to a close.  I don’t think any of us were sad to leave that frozen island this trip.  New York City was not really made for wheelchairs, especially in the cold.  Plus, I felt too awful most of the time to be up for much anyway. Although the last week was actually filled with visits from college friends and a dinner with one of my cousins to add fun and laughter to our time and make us feel connected to the world.

Still we all wanted to come home, though I dredded the flight.  The flight was less horrible than I feared and once we were off the plane we were greeted by the beautiful mountains around Burbank, sun and warmth.  I quickly shed my jacket, my sweater, my scarves and soaked up the sun.  Loaded in the car we journied to Casa de los Padres, where I will be in residence until I can handle the stairs at my home.

Within moments of arrival as CdlP, we were greeted by the most beautiful of sites; one friend returning Sadie to me while other friends arrived with dinner.  They were all shocked when we suggested a bottle of champagne to celebrate our safe return and the beauty of friendship.  We then feasted on the amazing meal they provided, a gift so great all you can say is thank you. Then you can only hope that when a friend needs that kind of gift you’ll remember to pay it forward.

By the next day, I needed to see my house.  (OK, I needed a few items from there too, but I really want to be home, so we went by my house).  I’m allotted 4- 30 min periods upright, so I saved one to tackle my stairs. I stood at the bottom and contemplated the flight and a half of stairs.  Daunted, I began the task slowly and step by step, I made it to my first floor.

I enjoyed visiting with my new roommate while my mom gathered my things and I ached to be back in my home, but not yet as evidenced by my mild difficulty getting back down the stairs.  So, I will continue to enjoy the hospitality here at CdlP, and work on my strength and healing under my parents careful eyes.

This regimen of working on my strength has gained a new component, daily wheels around the block in opposite directions with Sadie.  I’m here to tell you that this activity is no joke, wheeling a wheelchair up hill by yourself .  Anyway, I put Sadie on her leash, attach the leash to the wheelchair and off we go.  When we really get going at times, Sadie helps. She gives me an indignant look when she realizes her duty as a sled dog, but I’m training her.

Thus life will continue here at CdlP, I slowly get stronger, sleep long hours and watch my ankle heal.  Please come visit, Pasadena isn’t Siberia!  Today it is absolutely beautiful!


Michael Clyde said...

You realize that if you just tie some antlers to Sadie, she could pass for Max the dog from The Grinch.

rlbates said...