Sunday, January 23, 2011


*Please note not for the squeamish*

So, my surgery on Friday was to remove the recurrence of my round cell myxoid liposarcoma in my ankle. The plan heading into the surgery was to be somewhat conservative and try to spare the nerves and vessels in my ankle. Thus, giving me the best chance for the best function, accepting a small increased risk for recurremce.

However, when they started operating it was obvious that that plan wouldn't be possible. So, they moved onto plan B, sacrificing the nerve and artery. The plastic surgeon performed a nerve graft and then transferred a free skin flap from my thigh.

Although this isn't what I had hoped for, everyone is positive that I will have a reasonable functonal reponse in time. Plus, there is a higher likelihood that all the tumor will be gone this way. Therefore, I'm growing to be OK with it.

While yesterday I said it felt like I was hit by a Mack truck, today I have some of spunk back! Intakes a lot more than this to hold me down!


the slackmistress said...

I like no reoccurrence. Let us know when you're coming back - we can't wait to see you. Also, is anyone spearheading making sure you're taken care of at home? I can start a healthy casserole group. ;)


Dr. Lisa said...

Thanks Nina, my friend Karen is in charge, but I'll probably be living with my parents for a while. I welcome all visitors though.

Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

We have been and are continuing to pray for you kumster!! You are such an inspiration, girl!
Lots of love and hugs,
the Nelsons

Jodi said...

Squeamish? I was expecting many more details! ; ) In all seriousness, it sounds like while it could've gone a little better, it could've been much worse. Continuing to think of you and send good vibes for recovery your way. I know you have a huge network of support when you return home. You can throw my name in the hat though. Happy to help out anyway needed.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa ,Your spunk and courage are amazing as always! You are bouncing back very quickly and it is wonderful to see. Can't wait for the day when you are all the way back.I know that day will come. Love,CK.