Saturday, January 29, 2011

I survived!

I survived 7 days of bed rest. I'm still not sure how, but I'm sure that being run over by a Mack truck, lots of pain meds, my parents and some good friends have had something to do with it. Still when friday morning dawned, I was like a kid on Christmas morning. Every delay seemed forever. I just wanted out of bed! Even if I couldn't lower my ankle at all, even if I couldn't put any pressure of lefty. I just wanted out of bed!

Mission accomplished! I worked with my PT and OT to sort out how to do this safely, effectively, alone when need be. Skills mastered! It wasn't much, but getting to a wheelchair meant i could leave this room.

For the last week, my parents and i have played near daily games of gin rummy. Today I wanted out, we put me in the wheelchair and left the room!!! I wouldn't let them wheel the chair, i wanted to move of my own accord. We went up to the family rec room and played our game.

Away from the other side of the curtain, and its new inhabitant, we were able to joke, jab, roast each other as only families can. No one else was up there so we didn't have to be quiet. After about a half an hour the rec room volunteer came over and said. "This is a table filled with love and some really FUNNY people.". Yep, that sounds right!

It felt great to have new surroundings, to get to laugh like that. To see the NYC skyline and the snow filling the terrace. Today was a good day! Tomorrow maybe might even be better!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, Our daily card game was sure fun. The new surroundings were great and it was so wonderful to laugh out LOUD as only the Kellys can. We still cant figure out how you always beat us,especially with the heavy meds. We will keep trying. Love,Mom

rlbates said...

So glad your recovery is coming along so well!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dr. Lisa,

Congratulations on your recent
Road Trip to the Rec. Room!!
We are so happy to hear that
you are "on the road, again"!

Dick & Jane, Thousand Oaks, CA

Mary said...

Lisa, I truly understand how you felt when you were able to leave your bed and laugh with your parents in the rec room. When I got my halo vest off I stood under the shower until the water turned cold, just exulting. What freedom!
As I said before, you are an amazing writer. Hey, a second career! It all sounds positive and I'm rooting for you. See you in the snow.

JaxMom said...

My friend,

I didn't realize you not only could not get out of bud, but you also had a ROOMMATE! No WAY!

My one night of knee surgery, I had a roommate and swore NEVER again. It didn't matter if it took my last dime, no more hospital roommate.

Hang in there, sweety. Glad to see you got some fresh air.