Friday, March 25, 2011

Outsourcing for Good or for Bad??

I'm a do-it-yourself kinda girl.  It's in my genes, my parents and my brother all do the same thing.  I can't help it, or maybe I can. Who kows I'm working on it.

 Case in point:  I fired my garden a few years ago, because I knew I could do a better job. Before I moved back home a few weeks ago, my garden was full of weeds, sad and neglected.  Between being away, not being able to walk, life etc. there just had been no time for gardening.  I love to putter in my garden but pulling weeds isn't fun.   A friend has taken to sending me a  gardener to deal with my yard.  A precious gift. Outsourcing a gardener is a good call, now i just need to find a new one to do my yard on a regular basis. See, I'm learning.

Further, case in point:  I like to sew, I have recovered most of the furniture in my house so that it matches my color scheme and my style.  It is a laborious project, but one I enjoy.  I've recovered couches, made chair cushions, recovered more chairs than I can remember.  I bought fabric a year in a half ago for curtains for my dining room, that fabric is still folded up in my closet.  Sigh, one more project for me to do in my new found spare time.  I'll get it done I swear and no I won't outsource this one.  (yes, I fully realize I could buy curtains in a fraction of teh time and energy required to make them, but that is not the point, sillies.) Outsourcing curtain, good idea, but not going to happen.

Lately, I have had to outsource something else, walking my beloved dog and constant companion Sadie.  I love my nightly walks with Sadie. Really all she wants from me is some attention and a couple of walks a day.  That is what being a dog is all about.  However, I can't really walk right now, so someone else has to take Sadie.  Therefore, I hired the dog walker that my friend who kept Sadie while i was in New York uses.  He knows her, she likes him, it seemed like a great idea.  However, when I am home and he comes to get her, she doesn't want to go.  Hello, my dog doesn't want to go OUT?  He says if I'm home as soon as the business end of the walk is done she just wants to get back home to me.  Talk about a bonded puppy.  It makes me sad to be outsourcing the one thing she wants from me a day, but what am I to do.  I've taken her for a couple of walks with my crutches and the poor dog is afraid of the crutches, but desparate to go out.  talk about doggy PTSD. So, I persist, I'm not outsourcing my dog, I'm taking care of her right?

I could go on, but you get the idea I like to do these things, but there are only so many hours in the day and one of me.  So, some things get pushed off.  It is the way of things. I'm getting stuff done that needs to be done.  Some things must be outsourced, some things can wait.  Maybe next year, I'll even hire an accountant to do my taxes, maybe?  Outourcing is good.  Learning to ask for help is a big step forward.

Such is the ying and yang of life.

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