Friday, April 8, 2011


Yesterday, I went shoe shopping….  I've written about shoes before.  Who knew shoes could be so important? Alas, I am a well shorn woman.

Two months after my surgery which removed all sensation to the bottom of my foot and left me with thigh fat where my skinny ankle used to live, I’m walking.  I’m riding a stationery bike. I’m exercising 1-2 hours/day. I’m doing lunges wearing Birkenstocks with balls (more on that later).  I’m on or ahead of schedule, but I miss my shoes. 

No outfit is complete without the proper foot adornment.  My shoes were a reflection of me.  I love shoes.  Yet lately, I’ve been wearing only a limited number of orthotically correct shoes.  Cute, sexy, they are not…  Except maybe what my friend Jen calls my sassy boots.  Still these are functional foot adornments.

They are a far cry from the last 3 pairs of shoes I bought.  Le Sigh, the life of the well shorn professional is not to be mine for awhile.

So, shoe shopping yesterday...
The goal find shoes that I’m not embaressed to have on my feet and are comfortable for my poor abused Lefty.  This is not an easy task I tell you.  Enter my dismay that Ugg now makes sandals.  They are comfortable and they are not ugly.  Actually they are kind of cute and there are some that I might be able to get to adorn my foot for an upcoming wedding. 

Alas Shoes.


JaxMom said...

LOVE the new UGG shoes!!!! Can't wait for you to model them for me.

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