Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tweets from Haiti

So, although I wasn't really able to blog from Haiti, I tweeted my way through my adventure. Here is a summary of my tweets from Haiti for waht they're worth. Real blogging to commence soon. So much to write about.

Interesting crowd heading to Haiti! The adventure is about to begin! #Haiti 

Sitting next to me on this airport is a native Haitian returning for the first time with a disaster relief group. Amazing! #Haiti

And so it begins..... #Haiti

My first glimpses of Haiti reveal a beautiful lush tropical island, but even at the airport the damage is visible. #Haiti

Day 1 of Haiti is winding down, I'm finding my groove, amazing people, united for a goal! #Haiti

Camp is under lockdown tonight, but it's great sitting around chatting with all the other great people here in #Haiti

Happy Haitian Flag Day!!!! (ie. Haitian independence day) #Haiti

My friends were worried I'd come home w a Haitian baby. Holding a beautiful abandonned baby, they had reason for concern. #Haiti

This compound looks like it was taken straight from a scene in Mash! #Haiti http://twitpic.com/1oz1al

I'm melting.........

Finally venturing into the streets. Piles of rubble still line the road, although rebuilding is obvious too! #Haiti

As I watched this mom walk away with her twins the look of fear in her eyes tore through my heart. Www.callmedrlisa.blogspot.com

I just resuscitated a 2 month old while all the Haitians moms in the Peds unit were chanting some prayer. Surreal!! #Haiti

I'm eating a backpackers meal, cause I need the protein. Just realized it has more salt than I eat in a day.

The dedication and compassion of the volunteers here amazes me! #Haiti http://twitpic.com/1pes6m

Last night was a lesson in practicing medicine with limited resources. We do the best that we can. #Haiti

OMG! My ankles are so swollen from being on my feet for almost 33 hours straight. #Haiti

Liquid malaria prophylaxis once again! I deserve it after the last two days! #Haiti

Tonight's malaria prophylaxis was brought to you by these people. http://twitpic.com/1pk3gs

Leaving the Medishare compound today to run a clinic in Port au Prince! #Haiti

The view from the top of the police station in Port au Prince 4 months post earthquake! #Haiti http://twitpic.com/1ps96p

Driving through downtown PaP, there are tents everywhere, sometimes completing filling small streets. #Haiti

The countdown to flush toilets and handwashing has begun... #Haiti

Oh, and a LONG shower!!!!

I just consumed what is hopefully my last backpacker meal for awhile! #Haiti

As my time in Haiti nears it's end, I am finally beginning to process some of the amazing things that have happened this week.

I just took a cold shower outside in the rain, and it was AWESOME!!! #Haiti 4:43 PM May 21st via Twitter for iPhone

Student’s Ear Reattached by Miami Docs in Haiti – NBC Miami http://bit.ly/dduK8q #haiti (via @Haitifeed) So, I was a part of this....

Project medishare had 160 volunteers (doctors, nurses, SW, support) this week. Amazing the capacity of people to give! #Haiti

I've itched ever since clinic yesterday. Scabies is rampant in the tent cities! Gonna bath in permethrin ASAP. #Haiti

As much as I want a shower, debating if I'm really ready to go home! #Haiti

Post #Haiti the throngs of people in the Miami airport are overwhelming to me.

You know you've been somewhere crazy when the restroom on the airplane feels like luxury!! #Haiti

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