Tuesday, May 18, 2010

First Haiti Thoughts

Landing in Port Au Prince, my first glimpses of Haiti revealed a lush Carribean island like so many others. The large central mountains, relics of the islands volcanic origin, the rocky coastline, the lush vegetation, then we landed and we were shuttled to the boarding terminal. Damage from the earthquake was still visible in the buildings at the airport. Then we left the airport grounds, and on our short drive, the disarray of the city was obvious. Although despite the extant destruction there were many signs of regrowth.

The hospital at Project medishare is actually on the airport grounds and is one of the larger functioning hospitals in Port Au Prince even though it is basically a Mash unit. I have been amazed at the dedication of the staff, and at what we both can and can’t do. I have primarily stayed in the combined pediatric/ neonatal ICU area, but even there some of these stories are so tragic. For example, tomorrow we will discharge a set of twins, the children were born 3 months early just weeks after the earthquake that claimed their father’s life like so many other Haitians. They have suffered no major complications of their prematurity, but what is the world they are being sent into. Their mom has a spot at a UNICEF tent for Mothers and Babies.

So many more stories, so little time. Each one has its own portion that tugs at your heart.

This experience is incredible and reminds me of the good that still exists in humanity, and the challenges as well.

More yet to come.


Sue Bugsch said...

Thanks for sharing your experience. I am sure you are seeing much tragedy...and much that is so rewarding. I will continue to follow your blogs. You are one of the heros....

Anonymous said...

So proud of you, Dr. Lisa! I look forward to hearing all about your rewarding trip when you return home!

Dr. Lisa said...

Thanks ladies!!


Kim Tracy Prince said...

YIkes. That poor mom. Those poor babies. Did you bring enough food?