Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bye Summer '09- you've been good to me.

Today is a rainy SoCal day, it feels like fall has actually arrived here in Los Angeles, and I am ready to embrace a new season. However, this transition of seasons has me looking back over the past season and shaking my head a little because the Summer 2009 might be one for the LK record book.  Really all of 2009 has been pretty good to me. Certainly there were rough times, but as I begin to think about all of the year ending festivities that approach I am awed at what a summer (year) it has been.  

 Summer 2009 dawned with me in a minor state of flux, focussed on training for my triathlon, but worried about things I couldn't control.  I gave up controlling the uncontrollable and just went with things.  The results have pretty much been good.  A few bumps on the way, but forward progress nonetheless.  Then there was the tri...  As July waned, my exercise complusion grew.  I approached the triathlon with excitement and trepidation.  When the day finally came, I was well trained and met almost all of my goals.  Afterwards, I surrounded myself with friends and basked in the glow of completing the race and finishing in the top 1/3 of my age group.  People said I glowed, maybe I did, but I was certainly on a post race high for at least a week.  Then the reality that my Asia trip was fast approaching set in and my focus switched to planning for that.  A few short weeks later I hurtled through time and space,  and I found myself in the admazing adventure that was my trip to Mongolia.   After an amazing week of trying to help the people of Mongolia I set off to relax in Bali.  Bali was unlike any place I have ever been. It was beautiful, it was relaxing, it was centering. And then I came home, and life picked up where I left it.  Again I find myself trying to just go with it, enjoying the journey as it passes.

Whew what a summer it has been, as I think about moving into fall, I fear that this sort of post crazy multi event high might be leading to an emotional crash.  That wouldn't shock me.  What goes up usually comes down, but I feel like my life is on a forward trajectory and my outlook is amazing. Thanks Summer 2009, I'll remember you!


Jack said...

I have heard good things about Bali. It is on my list of places to visit.

Dr. Lisa said...

Jack- Bali is amazing. You should go if the opportunity presents itself..