Friday, October 9, 2009

Dear Owner of the dog who attacked Sadie

Thank you so much for your kind note and apology for this weeks incident between our dogs.  It was very kind of you to replace my shirt that your dog ripped even though it was a very old t-shirt.  While it was cute of you to sign it from your pit bull, I truly feel that it is you the irresponsible owner that owed me and Sadie the apology, not your dog.  I have absolutely nothing against pit bulls, some friends of mine have a pit bull who is one of the sweetest dogs ever.  When I am at their house tomorrow, her head while likely be in my lap while I scratch her tummy. However, her owners know she is dog aggressive and have her well trained and don't let her run around the street off leash.  That is the difference

Your dog did what pit bulls were bread to do, attack a dog that crosses their home territory and to desist when the humans get involved.  The fact that I literally yanked Sadie by her leash away from your dog and then hoisted her to my shoulders is why she is unharmed.  The fact that the incident happened at all is because your dog was off leash in public.  That is on you, an irresponsible dog owner.

I take exception to you signing the note from your dog because it really isn't your dog's fault, you just need to realize that you have a dog aggressive dog and not let him run around loose in front of your house.  Bad things can follow...

Thank you very much,


This incident occurred during Sadie's and my regular evening walk along our regular path on Monday evening.  I haven't walked back by the house yet, but I know that neighbor and have seen her dog running the streets off leash when he has gotten out before.  We just happened to be in the street in front of their house when he got out this time.  However, aside from us both being upset we are fine.  Sadie is back to normal.  Me not quite, but we're fine.


the slackmistress said...

OMG SADIE. So glad she's okay.

Dogs off leash is probably my number one drives-me-crazy moment with dog owners. Even for non-dog-agressive dogs, you don't know if other people's dogs are good with dogs. Or that their children are good with dogs, etc. etc.

Daisy thanks you for commitment to reason even though she knows it would be easy to blame the dog.


Kathryn said...

I usually blame the dog owner instead of the dog. As you mentioned, the dog can't help the traits its bred with. The owner can.

When my lab was a puppy we kept him on a leash 24-7. He was overly energetic and loved to jump on people. We kept the leash on in case someone walked in and wasn't prepared. Only one of our mail carriers would be kind enough not to flash the pepper spray. :)

Glad to hear your doggie is okay!

Kathleen said...

Once upon a time Granme and Grandpa watched your family dog Prince. Prince was not so lucky though and was attacked.
Your story reminded me of that time and how Granme would never walk with a dog again. I am glad to hear Sadie and you are fine.

Dr. Lisa said...

Thanks guys,

Nina, I agree. I hate it when I I see dogs running around and always freak out when Sadie gets out.

Kfath, eeks, I remember when Prince was killed. I was young, but poor Grammy was traumatized by witnessing it.

I'm so thankful that my Sadie is OK.

Anonymous said...

Scary... poor Sadie. Glad she is okay. Hope her mommy is okay soon too!


Jack said...

I used to have a neighbor who let his Rottweiler walk around off leash. One day that dog caught me between a wall and my house.

It was very unpleasant. Fortunately my Jedi mind trick worked and I didn't have to fight the dog, but I was more than a little ticked off.

There are times and places for everything.

Dr. Lisa said...

Jack- you'll have to teach me the doggy Jedi mind trick..