Monday, August 31, 2009

Thanks and I haven't even done anything... Yet

Just got this email and I have even done anything yet.  

Dear doctors, nurses, and medical professionals, from CHLA and Southern

I want  personally to think you for volunteering your valuable time, energy, skill and wisdom in furtherance of our unique effort to help the women and children of Mongolia.

When we began this program circa 1995 little did we know that so many of you from CHLA would be attracted by our program.  Some of you are now returning for the second time.

I am wishing you a safe trip and a seamless transit to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

 And, I am wishing you as well a successful medical experience and MEEP program.  I hope you make some good new friends, and I know you will make a lot of Mongolian people happy and grateful.

Again,  Thank you very much.  Good journey and good program.

I can't believe that I leave in less than a week, and with all the travel time will be arriving in Ulaanbaatar in about 7 days.  So much to do before I go, but I can't wait for the adventure....


Jodi said...

It's so awesome that you're doing this! I know my co-workers got a lot out of it and I'm sure you will too (as will the kids you help!)

Lisa said...

Thanks Jodi, I can't wait. It should be an amazing adventure!