Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Taking my Training to the Pool

I’m 11 weeks into my journey with Team in Training and I’m taking to the water for good reasons.  I have commented several times over the last few weeks about how much pain I’m in.  It didn’t always seem like running aggravated it, but any time on my foot definitely did.  So, I listened to my body and took my running to wetter pastures.  It is helping even if I miss running.

Still, I’ve questioned is this pain the inevitable result of running on a largely de-innervated foot or will it get better?  As a Type A personality, I can withstand anything when I have an endpoint or a goal, so again what is the recovery potential?  No one knows for sure, but I’m seeking several opinions…

My foot and ankle surgeon remains less than optimistic, and recommended some new palliation treatments that were sadly not helpful.  So then we assessed the rate of nerve regeneration and lo and behold a simple Tinel’s sign says that my nerve has continued to grow right on target and has reached the metarsal heads (AKA the ball of the foot, AKA the site of my excruciating shooting pain.  This all makes logical sense, the raw nerve endings are exactly at the point of maximal impact during running.  Light Bulb goes off in my head, no wonder it hurts SO MUCH.

So, to decrease the impact on my foot, but continue building my endurance for the Walt Disney World Half Marathon I have turned to aqua-jogging which could be a mind numbingly boring exercise except for the amazing support of my Team in Training Teammates.  Last weekend a few of us aqua-jogged for just short of two hours, this weekend will be longer. I’ll be in the pool during the week too.  We’ll see how long I have to stick to the pool, but it may be a few weeks.  However, as long as there is an endpoint I can do it.  I know I can.

I remain as committed as ever to complete my first half marathon just short of the one year anniversary of my surgery.  I continue to feel incredibly fortunate to be on this journey with some of the most amazing and inspirational people I’ve ever met.  I appreciate everyone’s support more than you know.



Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa,
That sounds like good news- the nerves are regerating! Also, the aqua aerobics are a great thing. When I had my knee done about 7 years ago, thats whatI did and it really helped. One thing you might explore is an inflatable cusion that surrounds the foot and ankle. It prevents against any inadvertant pressure on the bottom of the foot. Maybe you've already looked into this? Anyway, take care. Bev and I will be seeing your folks this Sunday for our "Gourmet" get together.
Vince Scott

Anonymous said...

Since I'm don't have a google account, I don't know how to contact directly all the people who read Lisa's Blog. I'm very sorry to announce that Lisa passed away yesterday, Nov. 3 of an apparent aneurism. I have been a close friend of Lisa's parents since our college days and as you can imagine so many of us are devastated. My e-mail is: If you contact me there I can hopefully update you with information regarding her services, etc. Vince Scott

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