Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back to work, but I miss being a Doctor

I've been back to work part time since August 1.  The nagging pain in my foot, my inability to stand, or move quickly on a moments notice, and the difficulty focusing caused by my pain meds have conspired to keep me from returning to clinical work, but I'm at least back doing something doctorish.

This past week, I've attended several teaching conferences, yesterday during an interesting conversation of complication cardiopulmonary physiology, I remembered that I love being a Neonatologist. That my chosen field remains fascinating and intellectually stimulating to me (even though it is not always easy). That I enjoy teaching young physicians.  That my job is far from just a job, it is a career that is a huge part of who I am, and I miss it.  I have been blessed to be with families through some of their darkest hours and hopefully watch their babies improve.

I'm probably still months from being able to return to clinical work.  The size of our new unit overwhelms me.  We are going to have get creative to get me back there, but I will get back.  Just as I am starting to run, I will find a way to get back to taking care of critically ill babies.  However, I will not return until I know I keep my Promise.

Accepting Limitations is so hard!

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