Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Promise

You grasp my finger with your tiny hand.  My finger that is bigger than your arm.  You who are impossibly small, but perfect and feisty. You sometimes kick and cry.  Your little arms and legs stretching out into the world around you. I examine you every day and promise you that I will do the best that I can to help you grow.

Your mom looks at me with fear in her eyes.  I promise her that we will do everything we can.  That we'll be with her every step of the way.  We say having a preemie is a roller coaster ride.  I hope that she knows we'll support her on this trip.

This is why I do my job. My goal every day is to do my best for you and all the other babies in my care. You who are the size of my hand, may I be up to the task.  This is my wish!


Deanna Leigh said...

OH my goodness! This made me tear up, because the Monkey was a preemie. 8 weeks early and 7 weeks in the NICU and I'm so greatful for all the people like you who made my confusion and desperation disappear on a daily basis, leaving me with hope and love.

You are an amazing person. Hugs.

Dr. Lisa said...

Ooh, I didn't know the Monkey was a preemie. So glad he is thriving so well! Hugs to you!

JaxMom said...

Such a beautiful sentiment, Lis. Very meaningful to an aunt of a 28 week-er who is now a happy, healthy 6th grader.