Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Triathlon for a Cause

Last year I completed my first triathlon as a testament to my own health and recovery from cancer. In my mind it was the conclusion of my journey as a cancer patient. It was my way of stating that I had prioritized my own health and fitness.
Initially I never thought that I would do more than one triathlon, but as soon as it was done, I knew that I would do another.  However, I wanted to find a way to both pursue my personal athletic and fitness goals, while also benefiting this community of cancer patients of which I had unwillingly become a member.    The perfect solution is the CHLA/ Nautica Malibu Triathlon, which takes place on Sept 12.  In which I will do a 1/2 mile ocean swim, ride 18 miles, and run 4.
I am proud to work at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA), and to be a member of their team for this event.  Even better, the official beneficiary of the nautical Malibu Triathlon is Pediatric Cancer Research at CHLA.

I remember all too well receiving my diagnosis, the first weeks of figuring out what to do, and that feeling of terror and confusion.  I was an adult, a physician no less; therefore,  I had loads of resources and support.  Further, my diagnosis wasn’t life threatening exactly, more threatening to my lifestyle.  I can’t imagine having to deal with that as a child, or worse as the parent of a child diagnosed with cancer.  The money raised by this event will help to give more of those children a chance to learn that through trials you can not only survive but achieve things you never thought possible.  I  hope that more children will be given that chance.

Thank you for your support of me while I train for my first International Distance Triathlon and thank you for your support of the outstanding research being done at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles to help pediatric cancer patients.

In order to donate please click on the link below or you can mail me a check (email me for the address and details.)

Again thank you!


Adri said...

Good luck with the triathlon!

Dr. Lisa said...

Thank you Adri! And thank you so much for your donation!

Claudia said...

Wow - ocean swim too! Great work Lisa!

Daniel said...

Hey Lisa, good luck the the training and the tri!

Dr. Lisa said...

Thanks Dan and Claudia! Thanks for the support!