Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So, I have a stalker...

So, I have a stalker..
Or there is a very bad spy?
Or there's a time traveller in my neighborhood?
Or just a very creepy guy?

I run from my house around the Silver Lake Reservoir and back, a lovely almost 5 mile run with a nice amount of hills v. flat, few stop lights, on packed dirt.  I run the route 2-3 times per week most weeks. Sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the evening, whenever I have time.

Still some large percentage of the time, I see the same guy on the same corner in the same clothes. He's older, with a big pot belly and wispy grey hair that always looks the same.  Lately he even acknowledges me.  Who is he? Why is he always in the same spot?  I thought about this while i ran the other day.

Having read the Time Travellers Wife, I wondered if he is a stalker travelling throug time to alway sbe there when I run.  Maybe that explains why he always looks the same.

Maybe he is jsut a sad, lonely old man who stands on the corner all day, but nah that story is sad.  I prefer it to be something fantastical.

Mr. Stalker guy will I see you tomorrow?


Jabulani said...

:) Well now I just wanna know if you did or didn't!

Dr. Lisa said...

Sign I didn't run yesterday. I'll let you know if I see him tomorrow.