Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Next stop Alaska

Sitting in an airport lounge awaiting my flight to Vancouver, I think back to that night 4 months ago when my dear friend asked me if I wanted to go to Alaska with her for her birthday.  I was at my parents house at the time, high on narcotics, in a wheelchair, all around miserable.  June seemed a million years and a lifetime away.  A vacation in Alaska with dear friends a reason to get out bed the next morning.  Yes, I said immediately.  I'd love to.  I've always wanted to go to Alaska, the only place I've ever wanted to go on a cruise.  It sounded perfect

Now months later, I can't believe that it is reality.  In a few hours I'll be in Canada, tomorrow we board that ship to cruise up to Anchorage.  I have no idea how it is that it is June already, but I can't wait.  I may post pictures of glaciers calving into the ocean, of the wildlife we see, or I may not.  Just know that I am so happy to be Alaska bound with dear friends.

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