Monday, May 9, 2011


Last night, I walked up the stairs to my house and looked at my rosebushes.  They needed desparately to be deadheaded, but still there were some beautiful roses.  I decided to pick a few to bring their fresh smell into my house and to bring me some of the joy that I always feel in my garden.

Of course, I couldn't help but to do a little trimming of the dead blooms, but still I managed to pick myself a  small bouquet of roses to bring in.  These included the best smelling roses ever.  A simple action, but it makes me smile.

I was once told to find something that makes you smile and make it a part of your daily life.  Or to stop and smell the roses.  My roses make me smile, so I brought a few into my house!

Hope you all have soemthing to smile about every day!

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Anonymous said...

Hi lisa, Thank you for the roses you brought into our house. I was great welcome home.Mom