Friday, September 10, 2010

Final Triathlon Prep! (AKA: Why they call them Bricks!)

My last weekend of real training for my triathlon on Sunday was a week and a half ago.  I had the weekend scheduled to do back to back bricks.  Saturday- Bike, run!  Sunday- swim, bike!
They call them bricks because when you get off of the bike or out of the ocean your legs fill like bricks when moving to the new discipline.  Therefore, training back to back is essential to prepare for race day without injury.

Saturday's plan was to ride near the race distance and focus on speed since lately I've mostly been doing distance rides.  My goal is to finish the 18 mile ride portion of the race in an hour, totally doable, but it will mean pushing myself.  Therefore, I headed out on a ride I've done routinely to meet that goal.  I rode from my house through Griffith Park, past Forest Lawn cemetary, through Burbank and then back along the LA River ride, 20 miles according to my cat eye. It took me just over an hour.  Therefore, feeling confident I headed out for a 3 mile run.  There is no such thing as a flat run near my house, and that run was agony.  My legs complained every step.  I was soar and tired and could barely make it.  That is why they call them bricks!

Ack, defeated!  I tried to console myself by the fact that I had worked out once or twice a day for the preseedng 3 days.  I did a killer spin class two days early and lots of weight training.  So, I told myself, I'd be OK.  I rested Saturday afternoon, visited my friend with a hottub, stretched, tried to eat right, so that I'd do better on Sunday.

Early Sunday morning found me sitting on Zuma beach ready to practice entry and exit through wves that were towering over my head.  We went in and out to a  starter's siren three times swimming almost the distance of the race, but the hardest part.  Then my friend and I headed off to ride 20 miles along the race route.  We made it in an hour!  Quickly we changed our shoes, locked up our bikes, and then headed to run 3 miles or so down the beach.  Therein I realized the saving grace, the race course is flat! That run was easy!  We made it right on target around 9 min miles!  We finished feeling confident that we were ready!

Race weekend has come upon us.  I've done what I can to prepare and I'm overwhelmed by the generosity of my colleagues, friends and family who have supported me.  I'm buoyed by their faith in me.

I'm ready!  Bring it!

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