Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Happy Place

I joke frequently about finding my happy place. Most of the time I am referring to a state of mind.  A state where my mind is clear, quieted, calmed; thereby, allowing me to focus on whatever requires my attention, or at least not be distracted by the stuff that surrounds me.  Putting it in other words, getting my mind where it was in Bali, but Bali is very, very far away.  So going there to sort stuff out would be impractical to say the least.  Therefore, alternatives must exist and fortunately they do.  My happy place can be many different places, but it always involves fresh air, typically water in some form (snow, lake, river, ocean, fountain- I'm not so picky), some nice pine trees and maybe a sunset. Sold!

Really though when I speak of My Happy Place as a real place it is Lake Arrowhead.  Or more specifically that little corner of Lake Arrowhead where I have spent so much time in over the past 35 years.  It meets all of my criteria-
Water- check, there's the lake, a stream running by our place, and sometimes snow
Fresh air- check, it's the mountains, silly
Pine trees- done, it's the middle of the forest after all, we even have 2 Sequoias and if those aren't grand trees I don't know what is
Sunset- sure the sun sets there and you can watch it from the dock or our porch

So yeah, that is my happy place.  Most of you who pay even the slightest bit of attention to this site know the last few weeks were a little rough.  So I made plans to escape for the little free time I had this holiday weekend to Lake Arrowhead.  I arrived up there and felt the mountain air begin to do it's work that was then aided along by waking up to a world blanketed by the first snow of the season.

I am thankful to know where my happy place is and to be able to go there.  Happy Thanksgiving all!


sam said...

i love that the sign is an uncle remus quote

the slackmistress said...

Love the happy place!

Dr. Lisa said...

Sam- sign is actually from Disneyland, from the entrance to Splash Mountain, but Uncle Remus can have credit too.

Jack said...

Everyone needs a happy place.

Jabulani said...

I think I'd like your place. Mountains and water would do it for me too. I'm so glad you have somewhere like this. :)

I am thankful that I live surrounded by ancient and astoundingly beautiful woods. My happy place is trudging through these woods with my kids watching them find EVERY single puddle or mudhole and hearing them go "Oops". We've learned that mud dries and clothes wash, so dirty is not a problem. But enjoying fresh air, countryside and general fun time...that is a gem beyond compare; a priceless treasure. Come visit. I'll share them with you.

badassdadblog said...

Everybody needs a little time away. Far away, from ... uh, wait ... who turned on Air Supply?

It's so good to have a happy place. Now I wanna go. When's the party there? :)

Kathleen said...

I love your happy place! My kids and I count it as one of our happy places also.